Just imagine for a moment just standing around, trying to think of ways to better the world with your silent talents, for you are mute and immobile.  You wonder why you are so hated, you have never done anything to hurt anyone.  Then, all of a sudden, a giant nozzle streams a steady liquid onto your immobility.  You are shocked.  The liquid burns your flesh, and you slowly spend hours agonizing in pain, soon to wither up and shrivel away.  


You may be wondering what I am referring to.  Homochlimidia Syphiliisia.  Otherwise known as Weed killer.  Some of these poor creatures don’t truly die, they just live the rest of their lives in aganizing pain until death.  

Please.  Have a heart.  Don’t kill “weeds”  They have hearts too.

This was one of those posts that seemed good at the time